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I'm Evan.

I am driven by a curiosity to understand people, processes, and systems. By engaging others with compassion, I use design methods to uncover opportunities for creating better experiences. I strive to design with people, not for them, and I love to empower others by sharing my knowledge. A designer is privileged to lift up the voices of others and help them envision and achieve a better future.

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At my Masters graduation from the IIT Institute of Design, I had the honor of giving the student commencement address. In the speech, I crystallized my learnings from ID into 5 characteristics of what makes good design. I then delved deeper to reveal 2 additional characteristics that differentiate good design from great design. This was a forward-looking statement to spark the conversation of what design needs to be to unlock its potential in a complex, asymmetrical world. 

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Here's what I bring to the table:

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